Attention Gardener Wannabes–Now’s Your Time!

Always wanted to start a garden but afraid you didn’t have enough time or know how?  Well fret no more–you have enough of BOTH. 


Seriously.  Next week we begin our series “Ashley and Julie’s Garden — follow their progress!”  These two have always wanted their own garden, but were reluctant to take that first step, concerned it would lead them down a road on a downhill slide.  Not fun.  So instead they politely reply, “I’d love to start a garden, if only I had the time.” 

Typical, right? For many women these days, it is difficult to find the time.  Between kids and work and husband and life–who has extra anything to wander through brilliantly layered rows of a vegetable garden–despite the desire pumping through their veins, the urge screaming for release… 

Oh–wait.  That’s the kids in the bathroom.  Real life aside, these women yearn for the luxury of snipping fresh lettuce for their salad, clipping fresh beans to include on the dinner menu, pulling sweet carrots for the most delectable carrot muffins–and they can.  Once they catch on to the secrets of simple garden management, they can enjoy the benefits of growing their own vegetables.  Have kids?  Believe it or not, they’ll relish the adventure and together you will experience more joy than you ever dreamed possible. 

It’s the simple things.  Make that easy-to-do-and-not interrupt-my-schedule things that add quality to our every day moments.  So, if YOU have ever wanted to have your own garden but thought it utterly impossible, stay tuned:  we’re going to change your mind!

Series begins Tuesday.  Ashley will utilize a raised planter bed frame while Julie will opt for an in ground garden.  Join us, won’t you?

Trust me.  We’ll have fun.


So far so good

Mandie survived her first week!  Okay, not a major feat at this point but it is encouraging.  Cold temps, good rain, it’s been easy.  See?  I told you there was nothing to it.  Literally. 

Though she did install this nice trellis.  When her conch peas shoot from the ground, they’re going to need something to grab  a hold of and this is an easy, portable and reusable way to go.

Unfortunately, there’s not much excitement in an empty garden box.  But it’s only the first week.  Most plants don’t sprout until at 7 – 10 days.  So what do you do for a little pick me up thrill? 

Buy sprouts!  Mandie picked up a few tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and transplanted them this weekend.  If nothing else, it does wonders for the overall appeal.  Now, when she looks out her back window, there’s life out there!

Watering them in, she will maintain moisture by checking her soil with a dip of her finger.  For a busy woman like her, she needs to make her time count.  Watering deeply once a week as opposed to a spray every day will satisfy her plants needs and accommodate her schedule. 

Then there’s the cold.  We’re forecast for another spell of near freezing temps which is enough to send shivers of fear right up the stems of her tomatoes.  Broccoli likes it cold and with most of her other kids still beneath the surface — and protected — she’ll only have to concern herself with the few  in danger above ground and cover them the night before. 

Covering your plants is simple.  Using frost blankets made specifically for the garden or creating your own plant “castle” of your own, the goal is to keep them insulated from the cold, keep the frost off the plant.  Otherwise, you’ll be headed back to the seed and feed, pronto.  The peppers she bought will hold.  These boys like it warm and won’t do well in these conditions.

Last freeze I lost a bundle of potatoes due to the persistent cold temps.  My efforts worked for a few days, but hours spent near twenty degrees killed my gals, but good.   However, didn’t your mother teach you there is always a silver lining?  

She was RIGHT!  Tilling the same bed this weekend to prepare for a new crop of onions, I discovered potato babies in the soil!  Combined with the carrots I pulled it makes for great motivation.  Nothing like giving her a taste of things to come to keep her working, right?  And while nothing is growing wild and crazy today, she knows this is what she has to look forward.  Fresh from the garden produce!

Stay tuned!