One of my son’s favorite books is Fun with Nature by Northword Press.   It’s a take along guide that gives him detailed information regarding all sorts of bugs and critters.  In fact, it was he who knew right off the bat that the enormous green worm devouring our tomato plants was called a Tomato Hornworm.  I dared to doubt the veracity of his words – my son tends to know everything about everything – hence his nick name: Nickapedia – so he ran full tilt for the house, secured his book in hand, and raced back to correct me.  “See, Mom.”  He pointed to the perfectly illustrated picture of a worm on a tomato and said, “It’s right there.”   

Looking over his shoulder, I replied, “Ah, so it is.”  Raising a brow in his direction, my skepticism was quickly replaced with admiration.   “I should have never doubted you.”

Pleased with himself, he agreed.  “That’s right.  I know my worms.”

Yes, he does.  And not only informative, this book is loaded with fun things to do, like make a toad house, build a rabbit refuge (preferably far from your garden – VERY far), devise a cricket thermometer, grow your own pine tree…  Why the list goes on, but you get the point.  Fun with Nature is big fun for kids – a book my son recommends highly!


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