Sprouts alive!

Kids love to be outdoors.  Rain or shine, running and jumping, playing hide and seek — they can’t get enough of it.  It’s a give and take relationship I tend to appreciate, because the more they’re running and jumping, the less energy they have to bounce off the walls indoors.  One of the things we like to do is “go pickin.”  We have a neighborhood strawberry patch that has grown over the years and now includes picnic tables, a playground and a small food stand where the kids can get fresh smoothies. 


Depending on your area, you might have a pumpkin patch that proves to be just as much fun, or corn fields with mazes where the kids can test their deductive reasoning and memory skills.  Either way, there are all sorts of activities for families no matter where you live.  

Just click on my link for U-pick Farms and make a day of it! 

I ask you, Is there a better outing with grandma and grandpa?  Okay, maybe the mall, the movies, but if you want to expend some real energy (I mean theirs, not yours) then take em’ outside and get em pickin! 

Hey — there’s more over here!  Catch me if you can, grandma.


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