Awareness is the first step to solving any problem.  Spots on your leaves?  Ants on your blooms?   No problem.  Sort of a “now you see em,’ now you don’t.”   Problem solved – because you became aware there was a problem.  And once you’re aware of an issue, you can solve anything! 

Unless you choose to ignore it.  This works wonders on a temporary basis, but it won’t help you in the long run.  Pretending the spots aren’t on your leaves, rationalizing the fruit will taste fine – despite the rotten parts – or telling yourself, bugs can’t eat that much… 

Believe you me, these measures may fend off the truth for a while, but if nothing is done to address the problem, the plant will become over-stressed.  When that happens, it will succumb to the elements, wither away, and die.

Not good.  Especially when you consider preventive measures could have saved it from this fate.  Simple measures.  Whether you’re talking plants or people, a little goes a long way.  A spritz of understanding here, an ounce of tolerance there, and the entire landscape can change — and it’s amazing how quickly.  Like clouds blown clear of the sun’s powerful rays, relations between people can shift, emotions can brighten, and the entire mood of a situation can transform.  Literally.  And it can happen in a matter of minutes.

But one must be vigilant.  To realize our dreams, we must hold firm against the flux of nature and its voracious appetite – the would be predators targeting our turf, the dry spells that seem to go on forever.  We must stand strong.  Accept life as it is and strive for harmony with nature, rather than battle against it. 

How?  Just like you visit your garden every day to stay on top of things, the same holds true with relationships.  Understand predators will set their sights on you, and arm yourself with self-confidence — they’ll move on to easier terrain.  Guard against over-sensitivity to criticism.  Instead, think of it as a new dawn, a light you can use to illuminate new paths and encourage new growth. 

When tempted to judge, seek common ground.  Vegetables and people come in all shapes and sizes – but the basics work the same.  Given what we need, we can all produce.  We can all blossom.  If we pack our garden of life with good companions, keep our roots strong and deep, the cycle of life will prosper.  If we don’t, we will succumb to the elements and, well…you know the rest!


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