Students Reap What They Sow

Winter break is over and the kids are back in school–and in the garden. 

Can I tell you how excited they were?  They attacked weeds with gusto–not a minor feat when you consider they were out of school for two weeks!

But upon their return, it was business as usual in the garden.  Plants need food, so we delivered.  But this time, instead of worm poop, we fed them coffee grounds, courtesy one of our teachers (and Starbucks). 

Anyone can stop be part of the solution and with Starbucks help, your plants will thank you.  At least the acid-loving ones like berries!  And potatoes, azaleas… 

What a great program.  Giving is like a boomerang and Starbucks will surely reap a harvest of success from these simple acts of goodwill.  The kids thank you!  (Coffee grounds smell a LOT better than fish emulsion.) 

As will our strawberries.  But I digress.  The real payoff came in the form of harvest. 

We clipped our first broccoli.

Isn’t it beautiful?  One of the students thought so and ate it on the spot.  Carrots anyone?

Perhaps you prefer scallions? 

Both survived the freeze quite well.   Take a look.   Aren’t they fabulous? 

If only we grew forty-two more…we’d be all set!  One for everybody!  Well, there’s always spring…

To which we look forward.  One of the basic tenets of organic gardening is crop rotation.  Come spring, we will move our plants around, encouraging the utmost in growing conditions.  Check out the kid’s section on this blog for details.  Next week we plan to start our seeds, beginning the with our pole beans.  Will you join us?


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