Flattened Fields of Corn

I used to like windy days.   Cool breezy air, the opportunity to wear my jackets and boots, the beginning of the holiday swing… 

But this is too much.   This past week we’ve experienced an early cold front, the arctic air blowing — and I don’t use the word lightly — clear down our state, bringing with it chilly nights and near frosty mornings.  While I love the nippy temps, I don’t care for the effect on my garden.  My rows of corn are hurting. 

Near flattened.  Amazingly the taller ones seem to be faring rather well, with the younger apparently most susceptible to the force of nature.  Always one to look for the brighter side, I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario.  At least I can “push” these smaller ones back into position — once the wind eases its sweeping strokes across the landscape.  If the older ones had been the ones to fall, my near ready ears of corn would have been lost.

Not good.  But this is an issue with corn.  And one that makes me wonder:  What do they do in Iowa and the central part of our country?  I have to believe wind and fronts are a problem there — what do they do to protect their crops?  Grow stronger, healthier corn?  I mean, I’m no expert.  It could be as simple as that, right?

Maybe.  Either way, corn have shallow roots and mine have been laid flat.


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