Tribute to Tomatoes

It’s almost time for tomato harvest.  My plants have survived the insidious worm assault — haven’t spotted a worm in weeks! — and have begun to bloom and sprout.   Just look at these beauties!

Not only do we have blooms, but tomatoes are beginning to sprout, too.  Take a look at this round perfection.  (Quick — spray it with anti-blossom end rot!)

What happened to this fellow, I have no idea.  Perhaps its an ugly ripe variety?  The packet said slightly-ribbed, but really?  This is what they call slightly? 

Hmph.  Maybe he’ll grow out of it, much like the Ugly Duckling became a beautiful swan…

Hopefully it will taste good.  This particular variety is an Italian heirloom called Pantano and supposed to be wonderful for making sauce.  Can’t wait!

Until harvest, I’ll simply sit back and enjoy the sights.  Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Simply gorgeous.


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