The Sweetest Success

Comes after failure.  In my life, failure seems to be an integral part of the process.  Take my sprouts.  Just look at these pumpkins!  Not literally speaking, you understand, but what adorable, beautiful, brilliant works of art.  To the average eye, I realize they’re simply another tray of seedlings, but to me, they’re an amazing success story. 

This past spring, I worked so hard to get my tomato sprouts to sprout, to flourish, but to avail.  I watered, I waited.  Didn’t feed as much as I should have, but thought my organic dirt was sufficient.  It wasn’t.  None of my sprouts made it.  But I learned my lesson.  Because I failed, I learned the value of early fish emulsion, painstaking attention to moisture and the finicky nature of the seeds themselves…

It’s all part of the process!  For instance, my first batch of tomatoes took 2 weeks to begin shooting sprouts.  My second batch?  A week!  My first round of peppers set off without delay, my current round of peppers seem a bit slow.  Why?

Dont’ know.  Conditions, seed quality…  What I do know, is that with every failure, I become a better gardener.  With every loss, each success grows my joy, tenfold.

Much like in life.  Persistence is everything.  Whatever happens, take responsibility.   Re-frame your perspective.  Insead of failure, think in terms of results.   “You failed?” they may ask.

No.  I simply haven’t succeeded yet.  It’s only a matter of time.  And effort

Desire.  Will.  You’ll never achieve abiding success without commitment.   This premise holds true in every facet of my life — if I let it.  Knowing when to let go is important.  Knowing when to change direction is a talent gained best by experience. 

Every season my garden improves.  I learn by doing, I enjoy the process.  And I don’t sweat the mishaps.  Swing with emotion over mishaps — yes — but I don’t sweat them. 

So next time you’re experiencing a setback, remember, this too shall pass.  The real question is where will you be standing when it does?


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