Transplant update

Well, as with everything in life, you win some and you lose some.  Back in March, I had a wild hair tickling my fancy and decided to transplant my rose garden, making way for my herb garden.  The spot is closer to the kitchen, I’ve successfully transplanted roses before…  But this time, I lost one.

Not good.  Especially as this one was my premier producer, supplying me with an endless supply of big beautiful pink roses.  On the bright side, this one survived.  Pretty, isn’t it?

This apricot rose has adapted well to its new location (brightening the garbage can storage area).  A bit lonely, as her friend didn’t make it, but seeing’s how she’s a tough and independent sort, she’ll do fine.  I’ll miss the glorious pink flowers.  Perhaps I’ll buy a replacement.  Haven’t decided.  But in memory to the old gal, I’ll leave you with a beautiful blossom to brighten your day.

While gone, she’s not forgotten.  A reminder to stop and smell the roses?  Maybe.

Just do so — before it’s too late.


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