Gorgeous Melons…need I say more?

Look at these beauties.  Actually, it’s should be singular, as this in ONE melon, but a picture speaks a thousand words — or two!  — so why not go with it?

Yes, for all you skeptics out there, this indeed came from my garden and with little or no effort on my part!   Beautiful.   Nature at its best.   The watermelons are a different story.   Big, beautiful, glorious and green, we picked them with great anticipation, but to our dismay, they were pink, not red.   Okay, deep pink, but must we dwell?   It’s disheartening enough.   The kids were looking forward to a summer snack of watermelon on a hot humid day by the pool (is there any better?) and were discouraged to learn the one they picked wasn’t ripe.  

My daughter, bless her heart, dared take a bite.   “Just in case, Mom.   Maybe its supposed to look this way.”

My son knew better.   The scrunch of her nose sealed it for him.   No good

“But they look like they’re ready!   How are we supposed to know when to pick them if these aren’t ripe?”

It’s a good question.   Is there a sound I should look for when I tap the melon?   Will it feel ripe?   “Smell” ripe?   Cantaloupes do.  Why not watermelons?

They should.  It’s not fair a kid should work so hard, raise their expectations so high, simply to be dumped into despair.  Wait a minute.  Did I say that out loud?  Whipping my head around, I scan the vicinity.  Whew.  No children within range.  Of course it’s good for them! 

Every once in a while, anyway.  Teaches them strength, endurance — dares them to give up — qualities they’ll need throughout life.  Not to mention a garden!


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