Zucchini? I had no idea…

What is that? 

Yep.  First question that popped into my mind when I spotted this beast sheltered beneath the canopy of leaves (don’t mind the white dots — fungus).  Simple, direct.  My thoughts were inundated with shock, awe… 

…and near horror at the enormity of my success. 

How did this happen?  I’m not using steroids — I’m totally organic!  My vegetables are supposed to be smaller than the commercial growers, the avid Miracle-Gro types — there’s NO WAY my vegetables could reach such dimensions…

Is there?  Does anyone have any experience with this sort of magnum growth?  Words of wisdom on how this monster ended up in my garden?  Will it taste good?  Will it be tough? Should I dispatch it to the compost pile?

Or, on second thought, is this Mother Nature’s way of saying “thanks,” for all my hard work.  A reward, of sorts, for my persistence and dedication…  

Hmph.  Yes.  That rolls well on the tongue.  I like the sound, I like the way it feels on my psyche.  Reward.  Praise for a job well done.  You don’t get a lot of that as a stay-at-home mom– er–I mean, domestic farmer.  (Like my replacement for the old standby, domestic engineer?) 

Though I do retain full title to my status as domestic goddess.  Even my husband agrees.  (Plying him with fresh onions and squash and tomatoes is key.)  And tomatoes, potatoes.  And corn.  Don’t let me forget the corn!  Boiled up a few ears the other night and the crew went silly with pleasure, ooohing and aaahing, describing how sweet and delicious.  Who knew a cob of corn held such power?

But I do now.  (Wish you could see the caterpillar-eating grin on my face.)   And while we’re talking power and zucchini, try my new recipe for the mounds of zucchini sure to be exploding in your garden. 

The kids loved it.  In fact, my son named it.  Enjoy!


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