Blueberry harvest!

My blueberries are doing well despite some anxious early hours when the neighborhood bird population visits.  I’ve removed the netting to allow them the full ripening power of the sun.  Sounds silly.  I mean, the holes are pretty large, unlike the screen enclosure around a pool.  Sun should be getting in.  But ever the impatient gardener, I was in a hurry for my blueberries, so I whipped the netting off and awoke early each morning to check on my berries.  So far, so good.  A few dropped berries, suggesting they may have fallen after being dive-bombed by birds, but not too bad.  A tolerable diminishing of the harvest.

I’d show you pictures of my bounty, but the darned thing about blueberries is they are so sweet and succulent, most get eaten right from the bush!  And it’s not just me, I’ve spotted the kids frolicking through the blueberry patch (or is it orchard?) at all times of the day picking these jewels for themselves.  Real jewels, as in the Jewel variety of Highbush blueberry!  I also have Windsor, Misty, Sharp Blue, Gulf Coast and Jubilee of the high bush variety, along with some Rabbiteye varieties.

High bush are better suited for the climate in Central Florida, but of course, I didn’t know that when I first bought my blueberry plants a year ago.  My research indicated Rabbiteye would be great, but as in most things in life, research information and real life results are not always the same.  Local growers recommend the Highbush types. 

Either way, I have both.  From spring through early summer, I should have blueberries.  And while they may not make it into the picture perfect morning scenario I had envisioned where I stroll outside, pluck a few berries from the bush, deposit them into my yogurt and leisurely enjoy my coffee, they are good

Fresh blueberries are nothing short of heaven.


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