Conch Peas Live!

I knew they’d be okay.   Once host to a few bugs, (okay, so it was more swarm) they have recovered nicely.   With a little fish emulsion, they’ll continue to flourish.

Next door, the lettuce is flourishing a bit too much.  Bolting.  Yep, blame it on the heat, but this plant is heading for bitter territory.  Granted, it’s still edible, but by now it has lost most of its sweet flavor. 

It’s too hot.  Lettuce likes it cool.  Eat up, Mandie.   Before you have to pull it.   At least you’ll make way for new plants!

Carrots are good.  (Ignore the spelling.  I’m sure it was one of the boys who scribbled in all those “t”s.)   Foliage nice and thick, I sense there are some real beauties growing under that bunch of green.

Meanwhile, tomatoes are growing by leaps and bounds, the promise of red, plump, juicy fruit drawing us near.   Unfortunately, the pepper fellow is too near and must be moved.  (I must have been gone when Mandie planted this pup, for I would have surely seen this coming.  I’ve never had to move any of my plants.  Ever.  Hmph.  I also have some swamp land to sell you – couple of lots right behind my house!) 

But I digress.  Back to our poor little pumpkin.  Already hampered by his proximity with the lush tomato, this sweet boy will never have a chance and should be moved as soon as schedule permits.  Speaking of schedule, don’t ask about the dirt in the second box.   Nope.  Not good.


But there is good news!  We just so happen to have some space available nearby to move our pepper plant —  bye, bye, buttercrunch — a bright sunny spot, perfect for peppers.  They do like it HOT!

As do we.  Florida is fun, fun, fun but tough on plants.  So remember:  pamper those cool weather plants if you plant them in spring and eat quick.   Before they fall prey to the sunshine and heat.  Unless you’re at the beach, it’s intolerable.

You may be asking yourself why we haven’t met our Chihuahua friend.  The answer is simple.  Mandie is a busy woman and has thus far been unable to accommodate my film schedule.  But she promises this will change.  After all, who can stand the suspense?


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