Number two!   (Way to hide the eyesore — ten points for design brilliance!)

Gary and Mandie have built box number two, a BIG accomplishment.   And once the dirt is delivered, they will be in big business — the melon kind.   And if you know anything about melons, you KNOW they need space and lots of it.   But if you’re short on space, what do you do?

You improvise.   You get creative.  You think outside the box

In Mandie’s case, we plan to grow the plant in the box while allowing the melon to grow outside of the box.   Crazy?

Crazy  ingenuity!   Besides, with her limited space, it’s the only way it will work.   These fruits need room to stretch out and with a suggested row spacing of nearly five feet — which she doesn’t have — there’d be no watermelon for the boys this summer. 

Frown.  Who’s willing to deliver that bad news? 

Not me.  Not Mandie.  And need I remind you who built the planter box?   There’ll be no bad news in this back yard, no sir!

But in the meantime, we see the potatoes are coming along nicely.

As well as the lovely conch peas in their trellis “cage.”

Not the MOST exciting time in the garden with progress confined to sprouts and growth spurts and building boxes in preparation for more exciting times, but look on the bright side — not enough time has passed for the weed invasion, right? 

Remember:  there’s always a bright side.


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