When all else is frozen

You can count on your peas!   These little beauties are not only survivors, but the beautiful promise of spring with their delicate white blossoms and pale green foliage.  I’ve never grown them before and had a hard time at first, but they seem to be the only things blooming at the moment so I’ll continue to watch them.

Might as well.  I’m in the garden anyway, working to prepare the beds for spring planting.  And on dreary days like we’ve had of late, I’ll take the bright spots when and where I find them! 

Hopefully, we’ll have no more frosty weather and these kids will survive.  But alas, if they fail me, I’ll not be forsaken…

Cause it’s February and this is the month for ROMANCE — my favorite time of year!   And I’ve been doing some thinking as I toil away in the garden.  If my man were a plant, which type would he be? 

Grins a plenty on this one because I HAVE the answer.  Stay tuned and watch for my next juicy planting!


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