Fabulous Red

With the frigid temps solidly behind us (I think), we can clear the beds, fear not the weeds, and look forward to spring!   It’s the border season here in Florida, a time to enjoy stored veggies and plan for our next planting — unless of course you are a “Brassicas” fan and I for one, say “on with it!”   There’s always fun to be had and for the moment, it’s found in the Brassicas section.  These kids love the cold, actually seem to thrive in it.  My red cabbage sustained no damage from the Florida freeze and that’s a wonderful thing — especially since I discovered so many wonderful recipes for red cabbage!  Forget that old German favorite grandma serves during the holidays with the turkey – this baby has evolved!   I found a great recipe in the Real Simple magazine and discovered it’s only one of the many ways you can serve this gem. 

But don’t forget those broccoli and brussel sprouts!   They also love the winter weather and this frosty photo shows quite clearly they “ain’t afraid of no cold.”   It’s proof positive you can still enjoy these sweets throughout the season.   I hear brussel sprouts actually become “sweeter” after a cold snap.   As I haven’t had a chance to bite in, can’t tell for sure.  

With all the excitement and reward going on with my reds and greens, I wonder:  Dare I put those potatoes in the ground…?  Glancing over at the vacant beds where my princess potatoes once blossomed, I hesitate.  And as much as I’d like to rely on the Farmer’s Almanac, I realize it’s not always accurate, exactly.

Hmmm…  Once again, I find myself “winging it.”   Aw, why not.   Now that I know how to protect them from frost, I should be good to go, right?

Stay tuned!


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