Lookee who I found in the compost pile!

My neighbor warned this might happen.  I’ve been so busy tossing everything into my compost pile, planning for my next growing season, I didn’t pay attention to what was growing in it this season.  A tomato plant!  I knew right away what it was, because there’s one thing about tomato plants and that is – they are aromatic.  I’m no “olfactologist,” but I can tell a tomato plant when I smell one – it’s a distinct fragrance.  


And I’m excited!  Another experiment in the making – woohoo!  But due to the fact that I yanked the thing out of my compost pile like the intrusive weed that I mistook it for, my expectations are somewhat dimmed.  Tomato plants are not known for their transplanting capability.  And while I have a few in my garden disproving that notion, this one might not survive, as its roots were fairly ripped.  And torn.  (I can be fairly aggressive when there’s work to be done.)

But looking on the bright side of the compost pile, it might just be the stimulation this little guy needs to get busy and get growing.  It’s already day two, and he hasn’t shown signs of stress, yet!  Give him time, my husband says.  Give him time


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  1. Michelle Sarah
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 00:18:40

    Interesting! Wish it would be as easy to grow tomatoes in Singapore 😉 Thank you for sharing!


    • gardenfrisk
      Apr 19, 2010 @ 14:27:06

      Mother Nature definitely has a green thumb. Sometimes it seems OUR problem is that we try too hard. As a compost enthusiast, I find some myself putting my compost in the garden before it’s “ready” or “mature” — translated: it’s full of seeds, ready to sprout — and sprout they do — EVERYWHERE! My new plan is to weed and feed, then step back while Mama Nature does her thing. So far, so good…


      • Michelle Sarah
        Apr 21, 2010 @ 03:44:50

        Heh it’s true 🙂 Reminds me of composting – where we sometimes have to be patient with the process and not try to disturb it too much for it to take place naturally 🙂

        Keep up the amazing work!

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